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World Summit on the Information Society: WSIS process in the UK
Karen Banks, GreenNet Director., GreenNet : 04/18/2004
Resource category: Press release

In general, there has been little interest in the WSIS process in the UK outside of a small number of groups who have been active through their international networks (e.g. APC, AMARC, WACC), a few gender advocacy groups and those sponsored or encouraged by the British Council to participate. More >>

Gender: European Directive on Gender Equality Under Threat - EWL Demands a Public Debate
European Womenís Lobby , European Womenís Lobby : 06/24/2003
Resource category: Press release

The European Womenís Lobby (EWL), representing thousands of womenís organisations across Europe is aware that intense lobbying by vested interests, in particular the insurance and the media industry, is in danger of burying the planned new European Directive on equality of women and men before it even sees the light of day. More >>

Anti-Terrorism: Police will run internet after terrorist attack
David Leppard, Sunday Times: 06/14/2003
Resource category: Article

Wide-ranging powers to enable the police to run the internet and the rest of Britainís information superhighway in the event of a terrorist attack will be unveiled this week. More >>

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