Case Studies
The following case studies have been prepared in order to show the link between ICT policy and practice in the UK and other jurisdictions. The stories below (which are listed in date order, with the most recent first) indicate how the work of organisations and individuals has been affected by UK ICT laws and suggests the wider implications that these cases may have on the environment in which NGOs work. All these case studies point to the Internet as an excellent resource for campaigning, but also as the locus of a power struggle that requires the voices of civil society to be heard in order to maintain the free and open nature of the Internet in the UK.

2003, Electrohippie Collective’s online protest against the Iraq War: Expression and Defamation

March 2003: The Electrohippie Collective, an association of online activists, initiates a campaign with the aim of seeking to "degrade the service" of Tony Blair's and George W. Bush's web sites. They believe that these sites are being used to propagate misleading justifications for the war in Iraq. More >>

1998, Nu-Skin Case: Expression and Defamation

A cosmetics company called Nu-Skin threatened to sue GreenNet over a website published by a former employee that GreenNet was hosting. More >>

1998, Biwater Case: Expression and Defamation

Biwater Plc, April 1998 the British transnational company threatened two APC members, GreenNet in the UK and SangoNet in South Africa with legal action involving very punitive damages unless they immediately removed certain items from their servers. More >>

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