We would like to acknowledge the many friends, colleagues and partners who have contributed in developing the Civil Society Internet Rights Project (CSIR) this past 2 years.

- the current project team including Heather Ford, Gill Roberts and Paul Mobbs, led by Karen Banks

- for advice and support (technical, moral and otherwise) throughout the project, we thank our good friend Alberto Escudero-Pascual

- Marek Tichy and all of the GreenNet Limited Staff for their time, energy and enthusiasm

- our GET Trustees, Sarah Masters, Hattie Yannaghas and Andy Whitmore for guidance and vision during difficult times

- our friends at the Association for Progressive Communications, Privacy International and the Foundation for Information and Policy Research, all solid partners and supporters of our work

- to Chris Bailey, one of the original Project team members, who's vision was critical in conceptualising and launching the CSIR project

And to our Project donor, the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

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